Although declining and falling behind in industrialization, Spain still holds it's last remnants of the global empire and hegemony it once had. Spain is willing to recover it's lost posessions and rule over the world again.

Spain is a mayor power in the game, and also a colonial one. Spain starts with a pretty descent army, although smaller than it's neighbour France. In war, Spain has the ability of "Patriotism", which makes the armies's efficiency stronger and makes the enemy armies's morale 10% weaker.

Colonies at the game's start Edit

Río Muni, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Philippines are playable colonies of Spain at the game's start.

Strategy Edit

Spain should avoid a war with the United States or Great Britain at any cost. You should focus on researching to get good technology and get money, then upgrade your army. Now, your objective may be expanding into Africa or America to recover your lost colonial empire, and invade your neighbour Portugal.